Oil and Gas COVOL Common Volatility Analysis
COVOL Index for Monday, April 15, 2024:0.1785 (-0.0346)

Analysis last updated: Tuesday, April 16, 2024 at 03:49 AM UTC



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COVOL data for

COVOL Loadings

CountryLoadingVW Loading
PetroChina Company Limited0.29338.0546
Anadarko Petroleum Corp0.25271.6086
Shell PLC0.24850.8721
BP PLC0.23980.8672
Devon Energy Corp0.21781.6560
EOG Resources Inc0.21731.3990
Eni SpA0.21590.8032
Exxon Mobil Corp0.20600.5731
Halliburton Co0.20271.6898
Repsol SA0.20130.9411
Chevron Corp0.20020.6109
Occidental Petroleum Corp0.19371.1975
TotalEnergies SE0.19050.6459
Equinor ASA0.18560.9293
Suncor Energy Inc.0.18531.1397
Schlumberger Ltd0.18441.1017
Princ Comp #10.18400.5976
Petroleo Brasileiro SA0.17471.9460
Kinder Morgan Inc/DE0.17440.6059

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Top COVOL Events (new events in boldface)

1Oct 7, 200388.58Oil and gas running out faster than global warming
2Apr 12, 201967.91Sanctions on Iran and Venezuela; U.S. crude oil production record high; Global Youth Climate Strike
3Mar 9, 202062.35COVID - All of Italy is locked down, Saudi Arabia / Russia oil price war
4Jun 22, 200158.30Exxon accused of human rights abuse, OPEC signals output would remain steady
5Dec 7, 200147.72Israeli–Palestinian conflict
6Mar 14, 201429.36Russia–Ukraine gas disputes: Annexation of Crimea
7Jul 21, 200528.79Uncertainty surrounding the effects of China's currency revaluation; attacks on London's Underground and mixed earnings reports; Saudi Arabia's record budget surplus; Terasen B.C. Oil Spill
8Oct 31, 200326.32Stocks Tumble, Spurred by Dive in Consumer Confidence
9Nov 9, 202025.73COVID - Pfizer early trial data suggests vaccine is 90% effective; Oil soars 8% on promising COVID-19 vaccine results; Joe Biden elected president of the United States
10Jun 24, 201624.30Brexit
11Jun 1, 201024.09Deepwater Horizon oil spill. US to investigate possible criminal prosecutions
12Sep 16, 201920.58Drone attack on critical Abqaiq–Khurais oil processing facilities
13Nov 8, 200719.76Global Financial Crisis - Asian markets crash; Cosco Busan oil spill
14Mar 18, 202019.26COVID - Oil dropped in 3rd worst day on record as COVID-19 continues and rising worries about a global recession lead to fears of longer-term demand destruction
15Feb 28, 202218.82Russia invades Ukrained; Sanctions on Russia
16Jan 2, 200418.27
17Feb 5, 200118.00Israeli–Palestinian conflict
18Oct 28, 202117.72Oil executives hearing on Climate Change
19Mar 16, 202017.41COVID - United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) postponed
20Apr 29, 200817.41Global Financial Crisis - Subprime crisis